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Welcome Cocktail Aficionados!

"After a number of years collecting and testing antique cocktail shakers, two things occurred to me. First, it's becoming harder than ever to find high quality antique shakers. Second, there are few ­ if any ­ new shakers on the market today crafted with the same care and quality as the classic shakers of the past."

"True, people are drinking less today. But what they are drinking is better made and served with style. So why not, I thought, create high quality, well-designed shakers for cocktail enthusiasts of the modern age? After all, who says all the fun had to happen in the Roaring 20s?"

LuAnn and Jim Schneider
"The Big Shakers"

"It's with great pleasure, then, that the Classic Shaker Company brings you original designs crafted by the best silversmiths and glass blowers in the world. These shakers are the finest available today and are built to the same standards with the same materials and methods that created the first cocktail shakers at the turn of the century."

"If you have an interest in collecting, owning or giving a gift of a hand-made, limited-edition, elegantly designed cocktail shaker ­ youčre in the right place! Please click around our website, and feel free to send us your tips & suggestions, comments, questions and orders."

"You can order directly over our secure website. Or you can order by phone or fax 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We look forward to hearing from you soon."


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